Lie and Loft Check

a1a20da2-88fb-11e3-ac6f-002590a5fe03If you’re tall or short, and/or have an unusually shallow or steep swing, you may want to think about visiting our shop and we can check whether the lie angle of your irons is appropriate. At the point of impact, if the head of the iron is too flat (i.e. the toe points down) it can drag on the grass, acts for an instant as a pivot, and causes the plane of the face to tilt towards the right – which is where the ball will go. If the lie is too upright, the heel of the club will dig in and cause pulled shots to the left.
As a rule, shorter golfers will generally benefit from slightly flatter lies; taller golfers may need them tweaked upright a little.
For £25 we are able to check the loft and lie of your irons, wedges and putter. Using our specialist equipment we are able to correct the loft and lie to suit your technique. This service is available to members and non-members.